'Empires of the Indus is a marvellous book, so insightful and empathetic, a work of literature as well as scholarship... The book is immeasurably superior to any other travel book written by a Westerner on the subcontinent in the past twenty years (at least!). The only book that comes close is by a naturalized Indian, Bill Aitken's Seven Sacred Rivers.'
'Ramachandra Guha, author of India After Gandhi

'Alice Albinia is the most extraordinary traveler of her generation.... A journey of astonishing confidence and courage.'
Rory Stewart, author of The Places in Between

'A fabulously thoughtful, learned, perceptive and stereotype-breaking book... I was blown away. Empires of the Indus is a breathtaking debut by an author who writes enviably cadent and beautiful prose.'
William Dalrymple, author of Nine Lives

'Alice Albinia's adventure through the Indus river valley is meticulously researched, beautifully written, and reads like a thriller. Empires of the Indus is an homage to the diversity of the region, providing a crucial counter-narrative to the media stereotypes about contemporary Pakistan. Albinia writes with humility, candor, and humor about her experiences, making this book not just a history lesson and travelogue, but an unputdownable page-turner.'

Tahmima Anam, author of A Golden Age

‘I have travelled much of the territory described here but I cannot say that I remotely knew it until I read this wonderful book. With her debut work Alice Albinia is set to take her place alongside the greats like Eric Newby and Colin Thubron. Her prose is lucid and entertaining and her insights invariably penetrating.’
Fergal Keane, writer and broadcaster

'A vivid, thoughtful, idiosyncratic mix of travel, adventure and history - absorbing and delightful.'
Professor Peter Robb, SOAS

‘Compellingly told this is a fascinating story of not just a river but the civilizations it spawned and the empires it supported.’
Moni Mohsin, author of The End of Innocence


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